I've curated two shows this year both at C'mon Everybody in Brooklyn, NY. Curating was something that I was not looking to do but when the opportunity presented itself I jumped at the chance. The first show I did was an all female show called Unzipped: The Parts of Ourselves We Keep Hidden and focused on the idea that women rarely get the opportunity to show all sides of themselves and through art and self expression, hidden parts could be on display. My second show was called The Collective Unconscious and focused on the idea of the hero/heroines journey. Each artist interpreted this idea differently so I had a nice range of male and female perspectives. Both shows dealt with vulnerability and how powerful self expression can be for the artist and the viewer. My main objective, whether I'm making art or curating a show is to make the audience feel something. I want to create an atmosphere drenched in emotion and thought provoking images. This is definitely the beginning of a new art form for me and I hope to explore curating more in the future.